“Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art.” – Richard Avedon

After buying his first DSLR camera at an early age, Hennadiy was enamored with the ability to tell visual stories through photography. At Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Hennadiy fell in love with the world of beauty and fashion photography. He landed a highly sought after internship with David Lachapelle, which turned into a full-time role as David’s retoucher and lighting assistant, where he experienced first-hand the importance of being meticulous with fine details and visualizing post-production from the onset, skills that Hennadiy cherishes to this day and credits to his success. In addition to his desire to push the boundaries of visually beautiful photography, Hennadiy’s passion for creativity and its process is what truly drives him to take pictures.

A true lover of the creative process, Hennadiy’s visually beautiful content is a perfect mix of creativity, imagination and technicality. His attention to detail and post-production knowledge, gained while working for David Lachapelle, gives his photographs an exquisite and unique style that stands out in the world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty.